Collaborations & Community Work

Great Leap

In 2005, D’Lo was picked to be in the first ever “Collaboratory” envisioned by Nobuko Miyamoto and directed by Dan Kwong. This project was designed to give emerging artists experience working in diverse communities and using the arts to promote social change.

Co-LABoratory is an artist/leadership training program in which veteran artists from various disciplines collaborate with fresh, developing artists in workshop training sessions, focusing on the process involved in creating work, leading story gathering workshops and performance.


SAART stands for South Asian Artist Collective (LA).

The South Asian Artists’ Collective is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization founded in 1999 by a group of practicing artists who came together to support the progressive exploration of South Asian arts in America and across the global South Asian diaspora. In 2008, SAART presented an artist salon series called “Copper Current” which D’Lo hosted and helped organize.


D’Lo has been a part of this movement since before the name was coined. The group started the conversation at “The Next Big Bang: 1st National Asian American Theater Conference in L.A. in 2006″. Since then, the group has convened in Chicago (Desi Drama Act 1 – 2007) and in Minneapolis Desi Drama Act 2 – 2008).


Satrang is the South Asian LGBTQIQ organization in Southern California.

D’Lo has been a board member and continues to serve on the advisory committee for Satrang. Additionally, D’Lo conducts writing workshops with Satrang’s community at the Southern California Library.


In 2008, D’Lo worked with TeAda on their new program called “Healing Aloud.” HEALING ALOUD was created to develop opportunities for its artists to collaborate with local health organizations and create original performances addressing health issues of immigrants and refugees.