(pronounced “Defunct”)

No matter how free we think we are, fierce queers and folks of color are being challenged daily in merely surviving; fighting against being defunct.

Defunct (dih-fuhngkt):

no longer operative or valid no longer in effect or use; not operating or functioning having ceased to exist or live; dead

D’FunQT (pronounced defunct) is filled with D’Lo’s humorous musings, rants and stories of being a queer boy/stud/transgendered person who grew up in a strict immigrant family, trying to make it all work peacefully while radically and bizarrely challenging mindframes in choosing to exist unapologetically.

This show is my gift to the communities I identify with: Fierce Folks of Color, Queers, QT’s and yes, Islanders. I want to give my people a break. A moment to exhale in peace, To celebrate in laughter, To feel accepted in all your glory amongst other good people.