D’Lo in D’FunQT for only 9 shows in April in L.A.

Greetings Everyone,

I’m so PROUD to share that my solo stand-up/storytelling show D’FunQT is going up at the LGBT Center in West Hollywood and I would LOVE for you to be there. It is a small theater (about 50 seats) so I strongly urge you all to buy your tickets online as soon as you can!

Working with the LGBT Center has been wonderful and I cannot express my gratitude for the lengths that they have gone through to ensure that my work gets the support that it needs, and deserves. I started my relationship with the center through different arts programming, but my relationship with Jon Imparato, the Artistic Director, started with the work I did with my colleague and brilliant sister, Adelina Anthony. Through the LGBT Center, I’ve also been granted the opportunity to work with award-winning director Ken Sawyer for this LA premiere. He has transformed this piece into the magic that it is at present.
I feel blessed to have this opportunity and I am truly excited to be back in LA sharing a new iteration of this show with you all after it’s international tour in 2012/2013.

Come and bring your friends, we’re gonna have a good good time!

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Much love to you all, D’Lo

And here is a video of the beginning of the journey!!!

D’FunQT by D’Lo (9 Shows) directed by Ken SawyerTrying to chronicle the journey of D’FunQT Los Angeles LGBT Center for select dates in April. More info here. I forgot that it wasn’t a NPN contract and that TeAda Productions also produced a run of a solo show of mine (Ramble-Ations) in 2010, so my bad!