November 2011 Newsletter


Hello friends and family, I hope you are all keeping well and warm as we head into the colder months. I can’t do anything graphically fancy for this month’s newsletter (I missed my own deadline, as some shows have already past).  

Regardless, here are some show dates:


Nov 3rd – San Francisco Transgender Film Festival Kick Off Event (SF) @CounterPULSE

Nov 5th – D’Lo Hosting for the 3rd time the Annual Mr. Hyphen Contest (SF) @Brava Theater

Nov 8th -Get Low with D’Lo (UT Austin)

Nov 10th – D’Lo as a friend of Micia Mosely & Friends @ Dixon Place Theater (NY)

Nov 15th – NYU Lec/Demo at School of Psychology for Prof. Jacqueline Mattis (NY)

Nov 16th – UC Davis (Davis, CA)

Nov 17th – Univ of Arizona, Tuscon (Tuscon, AZ)

Nov 20th – SALGA’s Coming Out, Coming Home Workshop Reading (NY)

Dec 1st – Love Fest / TRANSFormation @ WOW Cafe (NY)




So many things to tell you about, if you actually read these things:



There has been a lot of teaching going on. We had a great and wonderful reception at our Satrang’s Coming Out, Coming Home Workshop Reading. Many of the readers’ work will be featured in Samar Magazine in the upcoming months. In, San Francisco, I have an amazing group of writers from the Trikone community who are meeting the challenge of having me only facilitate 3 workshops while I am here in the Bay Area. And in NY, the SALGA Coming Out, Coming Home workshop participants are heading into their reading on Nov 20th at Alwan for the Arts please come out and support if you are in the area!



Brava Theater will not be putting up the world premiere of Boys That Pray, however, we are still moving forward with the workshop production. And even more exciting, I have received an Astraea Grant for ongoing creative workshops for masculine-of-center folks in conjunction with the workshop production. The first round of workshops were completed this past Sunday with a great group of folks. We start back up in February with more teachers on board (Adelina Anthony and Emiko Saraswati Susilo). If you want more information about all this and how you can support it, I will be putting that up on the website soon.


New Fire 

Onto other news, Cherrie Moraga’s New Fire Production’s kickstarter has been fully funded! Thank you to all of you who supported this project, it’s going to be incredible! I have already met most of the crew and will meet the whole cast in Dec when I go back to the bay area for the sound design work I am doing for this project.



D’FunQT (my solo stand-up storytelling show which sold out in NYC) is coming to OAKLAND in early spring 2012!! More info coming soon, so stay tuned!



Those of you who knew me at the beginning of my career knew that I was rhyming and producing music. I’m finally doing it, back to my musical roots I go! Sammy Chand of Rukus Avenue reached out to me to offer to produce my album. HELLA excited because I get to collaborate with people I love and artists I admire. First stab at some tracks happens in Decemeber. You can look forward to some dope beats with some metaphors swimming in between em, and some comedy… definitely some comedy!


And lastly, my letter to LA.


My beloved LA,

I wish I could show you how much I love you.

I miss you. A lot. Like every time I drop in to unpack and pack again, my heart cries a little.  

I can’t help but see your potential, but I know now, my loyalty is doing a disservice to me.

I have to leave. My art game isn’t working here…  

And I am coming clean.  

For over 2 years now, I have been having an affair with the Bay Area Sisters (SF & Oakland)   


I’ve been seeing my ex, NY, as well.

I’m sorry. Sad. Please don’t be mad. I will ALWAYS rep you till the day I die.

I’m that mofo who came to your defense, told em

“She’s not plastic! She’s not fake! She’s not stuck up!  

She is one of the realest, most incredible loves I know!”

I would say this and no one believed me,  

except the angels who live and die here.


One day, when you wise up and pay attention to me, or pay me  

I’ll come running back. I promise. 

Just trust this is the right thing for us right now. If you love someone, set them free.

I miss you terribly, D’Lo