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Interview: D’Lo (Timeout Mumbai)

“Comedy is tragedy given time. The stuff that I’ve been through, many people haven’t gone through. And even more importantly, I haven’t gone through even close to what other queer people have had to go through. Queer people, we survive. We try to. We try to make sense of the world and why we can’t seem to fit, when all we got is love for people and a desire to be loved by people. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a part of love?”

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Personalizing the Politics: An Interview with D’Lo

On April 2, D’Lo joined Bao Phi and Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai at the University of Southern California for a workshop and performance titled “State of the Word: Asian American Spoken-Word Artists.” Performing a combination of stand-up, theater, and spoken word, D’Lo took a relaxed and comical tone as he entertained the audience with stories about his experience growing up Sri Lankan in the US, the difficulties of meeting women on MySpace, and the complications with being addressed as male or female when one is transgender.

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Queer Sri Lankan journey

“D’Lo bravely dives into personal conflictions, humorously (and convincingly) dons female drag to play several characters, and even gives us a slide-show documentation of a her/his childhood evolution from short-haired tomboy to a long-haired feminization under Southern Californian peer pressure to the bouncing, boyish, hip hop-styled persona that first greets us.”

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